Victron Energy RJ45 UTP Cable 0.3M to 15 Meters



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A cable to connect Phoenix Inverter Control, VE Interface MK3-USB, and VE.Bus connections between multiple VE.Bus devices and GX devices. We carry the following sizes of Victron UTP cables, please keep in mind 1 meter = approximately 3.28 feet.

0.3M ASS030064900
0.9M ASS030064920
1.8M ASS030064950
3M ASS030064980
5M ASS030065000
10M ASS030065010
15M ASS030065020

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0.3M ASS030064900, 0.9M ASS030064920, 1.8M ASS030064950, 3M ASS030064980, 5M ASS030065000, 10M ASS030065010, 15M ASS030065020