Victron Energy B-Stock Sale – Open Box, Cosmetic Damage or Used

Power Pete is always sniffing out good deals!

We sell a lot of Victron Energy products and accessories, so naturally, we get our fair share of returns as well. These returns are typically from an end user who simply changed their mind, could not get to work with their phone, changed project voltage, wife found out, husband found out, didn’t want to call for help, dog ate the manual, Amazon, etc. Their loss is your gain, so if you are looking to save a buck, these Victron Deals are hard to pass up!

Open Box: These items are reserved for like-new products that have been opened but not installed. Open Box products may or may not have the same original box but will have all included parts and a working product with no cosmetic damage.

Cosmetic Damage: Cosmetic damaged products are totally functional but may be lightly physical damaged. This may include scratches, marks, slight burns, or rips. Cosmetic damaged products must have all the original parts and tested as working.

Used: Used products are still completely functional but may be missing a manual or box and have a defect more severe than “Cosmetic Damaged”. These products have been tested as working.

***Warranty: Victron Energy’s warranty is driven by the item’s serial number. Victron generally warrants its products (except batteries) for a five year period and the warranty is transferable. These Victron products typically have a remaining warranty period between one and four years. Victron also offers a supplemental warranty that extends the original warranty expiration date by five years. You can purchase this supplemental warranty at a cost of 10% of the item’s purchase price. Please let a sales rep know that you would like to purchase the extended warranty at the time of purchase.


These items are not in our online catalog so ALL B-Stock orders must be PHONED IN or requested HERE. Please have your Part Numbers and your desired Type of B-Stock (Open Box, Cosmetic Damage or Used) ready when placing your orders.

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HINT: Download a copy of our OPEN BOX list.