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Victron Energy 6 Year Warranty IRUS 600

Home of the 5 + 1 = 6 YEAR Victron Warranty!
When you purchase any Victron Energy product from Inverters R US that originally comes with a five year warranty from Victron, that warranty instantly becomes a SIX YEAR warranty! We are one of the world’s largest Victron dealers for good reason, we are Victron EXPERTS!



Victron 10 year warranty


Want to upgrade to a TEN YEAR WARRANTY?

Want to get an additional 5 year warranty (10 years total) on your new Victron items? The cost (10% of item price, batteries not included) is minimal compared to the unheard of warranty length for an inverter charger, solar charge controller, battery monitor, Lynx system etc. The peace of mind is worth the 10% alone.

Did you know that Inverters R US Corp will also program your new Victron inverter charger for FREE? Many companies will charge you an up-charge of $100, or even worse, drop ship an inverter and leave you to fend for yourself. We will keep a copy of your configuration file on hand and can help you update your inverter if you ever choose to replace or upgrade your system in the future. For DIY’ers, we offer a free loaner program of MK3-USB (saves you ~$70) if you would like to make updates or configure your Victron inverter charger yourself.

Ever run into an issue with your Victron system? You can also grant us access to remotely login and help troubleshoot the potential problem. We are the Victron experts, we offer the best warranty, technical help and customer service you will find in the industry. Going to be in the Reno area? We can have your new system installed for a very reasonable per hour rate! Let us build a system for you today!