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The SpartanStart is designed to be used across a wide range of RV air-conditioning units, up to 20K BTU. Unlike commonplace designs, this soft-starter only requires access to the compressor’s three wires (Run, Start, and Common). Very easy installation, only 6 wires, 3 per side! Made in Australia.


Parts List:
1x SpartanStart Soft-Starter
6x Splice Connectors
1x Alcohol Wipes
3M automotive Adhesive Mounting Tape



  • SpartanStart must be installed by a qualified/licensed technician.
  • Acquire manufacturer’s wiring diagram for the air condition unit
  • Turn off power to the RV unit
  • Verify from the manufacturer’s wiring if there are any start assist devices such as start capacitors stat relays or PTCRS which may be present
  • If present, these need to be removed. Follow the start winding connection from the compressor into the control box. This should terminate into a run capacitor (HERM terminal, in case of a dual capacitor). If the same terminal has other wires terminated, these must be disconnected and electrically isolated.



  • This model does not electrically isolate the control box from the compressor, a suitable contactor or relay is necessary.
  • All voltage to equipment must be disconnected before removing any device
  • Allow 2 minutes to discharge run capacitor before disconnecting
  • Do not swap the Run and Start Windings
  • Poor crimping can lead to heating & subsequent damage to the soft starter


SpartanStart User Manual -700

SpartanStart Manual Page 2-700

SpartanStart Manual Page 3

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