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Three Year Warranty!

The SpartanStart RV A/C Soft Starter is designed to be used across a wide range of RV air-conditioning units, up to 20K BTU. Unlike most designs, this soft-starter only requires access to the compressor’s three wires (Run, Start, and Common). Very easy installation, only 6 wires, 3 per side! Made in Australia.



  • Designed in the US, engineered and tested for almost all RV air conditioners. Made in Australia!
  • Start your RV’s AC on a 30-amp hookup, power inverter or small generator
  • Our US based tech support can easily walk you through every step in connecting your AC to your SpartanStart SoftStart
  • Dimensions : 6 ¼” L x 3 ¼” W x 2 ¼” H (Main Enclosure)


Parts List:
1x SpartanStart Soft-Starter
6x Splice Connectors
1x Alcohol Wipes
3M automotive Adhesive Mounting Tape



  • All voltage to equipment must be disconnected before removing any device
  • Allow 2 minutes to discharge run capacitor before disconnecting
  • Do not swap the Run and Start wiring
  • Poor crimping can lead to heating & subsequent damage to the soft starter


SpartanStart Manual Page 2-700

SpartanStart Manual Page 3


How Does a Soft Start for RV AC Work?

Everyone can agree, your RV’s air conditioner can make the difference between a cool, comfortable trip and a hot mess, which is why many people rely on the Spartan Power SpartanStart RV soft starter for AC.  Due to the combination of how air conditioners function and the limitations of RV power or batteries, you may not have enough power to start or run your AC. That’s where a soft starter for RV ACs comes in. It can help to run your AC more smoothly and prevent electrical problems.

What Is a Soft Start for RV AC?

A soft start for RV AC is technology that lowers the initial power draw used by your air conditioner’s compressor. You install these small electronic devices directly onto the compressor, and they directly modify the startup process to prevent issues related to the current spike when a compressor kicks on.

How Does an AC Soft Start Work?

To understand how a soft start works on an air conditioner, you’ll need to know how an air conditioner works–specifically, how it starts. Compressors for air conditioners draw a tremendous amount of current at start-up, something inherent to larger AC motors. This is called the startup current. A soft start connects to the air conditioner’s compressor and modifies how it operates when it turns on. Instead of drawing as much power as possible instantly, a soft start will gradually increase the power draw until the air conditioner’s compressor fully kicks on. This slight difference removes the problematic current spike that can overload the power system of the RV.


Run Two RV AC on 30-Amp Service

Do you have a larger RV that has two air conditioners to stay cool, but you only have 30-amp service? If this is your scenario, you may not have adequate power to start both at the same time. Unfortunately, the starting amp draw of almost all air conditioner pairs exceeds the power supply of 30 amps. However, with a soft start, the power draw as your dual ACs kick on will stay under 30-amps, allowing you to run them both without tripping a breaker.


Start an RV AC from Small Generator

With the SpartanStart, you can easily start your AC with a Honda (or similar) 2200 watt generator. Smaller generators such as these commonly have issues with the starting power spike, as well as the continuous power draw required to operate them. A soft start enables the use of a more modest generator, so you won’t have to upgrade to run your AC.


Reduce Load on Generators and Inverters When Starting

Even if you have the spare amperage, the massive spike from an air conditioner kicking on isn’t good for the long-term health of your electronics. This is also true if you’re using an inverter, which will endure similar elevated wear and tear. Over time, you might experience premature failure or overloading issues, requiring expensive repairs. Not to mention, you’ll get uncomfortably warm in your rig. Therefore, a small investment in a soft start could pay serious dividends extending the life of other, more expensive components of your electrical system.


Run RV AC Off-Grid via a Generator and Hybrid Inverter

Enjoying a cool, air-conditioned rig while camping off-grid is possible with the combination of a soft start, hybrid inverter, and generator. Hybrid inverters can combine multiple power sources like battery banks and a generator to create sufficient energy for running an air conditioner.  However, even with this combined power and a sufficiently strong generator, that initial power spike can still overload your capacity. A soft start prevents this, so you can successfully run your AC off-grid.

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