Samlex and Inverters R Us have had a relationship together soon after we started way back in 2003. Samlex America has been manufacturing and distributing DC to AC power inverters around the world since 1981. Samlex has always been recognized with providing high quality inverters at competitive prices & supported by the one of the best customer service experiences in the industry. Samlex manufactures both pure sine wave and modified sine wave DC to AC power inverters as well as their rock solid power inverter/chargers. In addition to this reliable DC to AC lineup, Samlex also offers solar panels, solar charge controllers and other solar accessories.

Because we have been carrying Samlex products for well over a decade, we are fully versed on their entire catalog of products. If you have a specific questions about any Samlex America power product, please call us today at 866-419-2616 and we will be glad to assist  you.