Victron Energy Warranty Request

Warranty Repairs after 30 Days (Excluding Victron Products)

  • Most manufacturers offer a warranty period which covers against merchandise defects. To determine if your product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, please review the original documentation that came with your product, or contact the manufacturer; if cannot locate the documentation or manufacturer, please contact us at 866-419-2616 or and we will assist you in identifying the manufacturer’s contact information.  Inverters R Us does not warranty these products.
  • Please note warranty repairs may take 4-8 weeks and will be subject to the individual manufacturer’s policies and discretion. Manufacturer warranties generally do not cover defects determined to be caused by normal wear or due to customer negligence.


Warranty Repairs after 30 Days (Victron Energy Products Only)

  • Products manufactured by Victron generally have lengthy warranties provided by Victron.  Inverters R Us assists its customers by coordinating any necessary warranty repairs, which will be conducted at an authorized Victron service center.  If your Victron product has failed during its warranty period, please complete this Victron Warranty Request and an Inverters R Us technical support representative will contact you to get the process started.


Please remember that Victron is the manufacturer and makes all decisions regarding replace or repair.  If their decision is replace, Victron may instruct Inverters R Us to ship you a replacement after you return the defective unit to us.  If their decision is repair, Inverters R Us will coordinate the process of getting your product to a Victron authorized service center.