Orion XS 12/12-50A DC-DC Battery Charger



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The Orion XS, engineered from the ground up, redefines DC-DC battery-to-battery charging. Ideal for dual battery systems charged by an intelligent alternator.


This device not only ensures top-tier performance but also guarantees the safety of your system.


Stay in charge with configurable input and output currents and rest assured that your Orion XS will run at full capacity up to 40°C. The 98,5% efficient aluminum circuit board technology means less heat, without the need for fans.


As an integral part of your Victron system, the Orion XS offers full (remote) monitoring and control capabilities, giving you complete command of your device and system.



Configurable Charging


Precisely adjust input and output currents using simple controls. This safeguards alternators from overloading and ensures the service battery is charged correctly, particularly with intelligent alternators.



Efficiency x 5


The Orion XS operates at an impressive 98.5% efficiency. That’s 5 times more efficient than its predecessors. Its ultra efficient components and aluminum circuit board technology also mean less heat.



Ultimate Control


Thanks to its VE.Direct port, full integration in your Victron system can be achieved. See all performance data from wherever you are, stay on top with simple controls and let out algorithms do the rest.



The power of a truly smart DC/DC charger




Safely combine any alternator with any battery


Engine running detection


Protect the alternator


Regulate voltage






Smart has never looked so simple

With multiple automated safety and efficiency features, the Orion XS is truly a smart addition to any vehicle or marine system with dual batteries. That doesn’t mean that it should be a complicated one. We made sure integrating and controlling are as simple as can be.











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