COTEK power inverters are some of the best manufactured pure sine wave inverters on the market today.  There are numerous different types to choose from, varying in different specifications and features, which are outlined below. WE are the experts when it comes to COTEK power inverters, if you have questions about any of their models, their features or specifications, please don’t hesitate to call us today!

The SP series is the latest pure sine wave inverter by COTEK and implements the state of art design topology with an array of advanced functions.

The SD series is a pure sine wave (THD < 3%) inverter designed especially for the most demanding mobile and off-grid applications. SD series can be used for N+1 (N≦14) redundancy and the ability of enlarge the capacity (Users can install maximum 15 units of inverters together in parallel in order to provide the power expansion).

COTEK S Series stand-alone inverters offer superior quality pure sine wave output, and are available in 12/24/48V models from 150 to 1500 watts. They are ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality battery charger.

COTEK SK Series industrial grade, high surge power inverters are available in 12V/24V/48V models from 150 watts to the large and powerful 3000 watt pure sine-wave power inverter. The built-in multistage power saving control function saves your battery power for when you need it the most.

COTEK ST Series pure sine wave inverters are microprocessor controlled inverters with a built-in transfer switch. These pure sine wave inverters are capable of driving highly reactive & capacitive loads at start-up.