Wakespeed is leading the charge in RV, marine, and commercial transportation applications. Offering smart DC charge control systems, Wakespeed’s advanced alternator regulator, the WS500, is the first of its kind and delivers unsurpassed quality and performance, allowing you to charge smarter.

With more than 50 combined years of electrical system design and marine system know-how, Wakespeed founders Al Thomason and Rick Jones have paved the way to a new generation of charge control technology. Addressing common problems among the industry, Wakespeed developed and offers a way to charge smarter– a game-changing alternator regulator for optimal battery management in applications from marine to RV and commercial transportation.

Now available for free on Android and iPhone iOS platforms, Wakespeed’s new Configuration and Monitoring Utility App makes it easier than ever to tailor DC charging for your RV or vessel. Built upon an extensive database of alternators, batteries and BMS units, the app allows the user to select the exact alternator and battery used, and the app generates a custom program with all of the manufacturer recommended values built right in. For even more exact control, the app also offers an Expert Mode, which provides enhanced user options. The app allows the user to select from multiple models from eight of the most popular alternator brands, and nearly 20 brands of batteries. Configurations created on the app can be uploaded directly (from Android phones) via OTG USB cable, or emailed and uploaded via Windows computer using the Universal Upload Utility available on the Wakespeed website.