Transfer Switches

We carry both automatic and manual transfer switches. A transfer switch is essential when using a power inverter which is connected to an AC source so that the inverter is not “backfed” when power is applied to the same line. A electrical transfer switch is a switch that switches a load between two sources, most commonly for us an inverter and incoming AC.

Need help determining whether or not you need a transfer switch for your inverter setup, give us a call.

  • Powermax 30 Amp Transfer Switch PMTS-30

    $65.50 $59.00
  • Kisae 20A Transfer Switch TS20A

    $75.00 $67.50
  • Spartan Power 12 Volt Dual Power Solar & Wind Transfer Switch SP-TS4500-12

    $110.00 $99.00
  • Spartan Power 24 Volt Dual Power Solar & Wind Transfer Switch SP-TS4500-24

    $110.00 $99.00
  • Powermax 50 Amp Transfer Switch PMTS-50

    $117.00 $104.99
  • COTEK 40A Universal Transfer Switch TR40

    $182.00 $163.02
  • Go Power Pre-Wired 30A Transfer Switch GP-TS

    $244.00 $219.99