Estimated Watts

When selecting a power inverter from Inverters R Us, please make sure it has enough power for your appliance. Just add together the watts for each item you may want to run at the same time. Keep in mind to also add about 15% to the total wattage to ensure you will have enough power to meet your needs.

The estimated watts for the appliances below are estimates; please check your manual or the appliance itself for the actual wattage required. Doing this will ensure you select the correct inverter the first time.

Please use this easy formula to determine the correct size DC to AC power inverter if you only have Amps:

AMPS x 120 = Watts

Example: 15 Amp Cooling Unit X 120 = 1800 Watts

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Appliance Est. Watts Appliance Est. Watts
Cell Phone 15  iPod 40
Tablet 120 Toaster 1200
TV 50 Inch 175 Jig Saw 350
Laptop Computer 65-90 Circular Saw 1250
Computer & Monitor 400 1/2″ Drill 700
Printer 75 Refrigerator 500
DVD Player 50 Vacuum 750
CPAP 200 Sump Pump 1000
Blender 400 40″ Fan 1100
Space Heater 100 Iron 1000
Coffee Maker 800 Satellite Dish 75
Small Microwave 1000 Playstation, Xbox 450