Victron Energy

WE ARE VICTRON EXPERTS! We love all Victron products and you will as well, top quality and 5 year warranties (many can be upgraded to 10 years)! Victron Energy is a Dutch company that makes REALLY outstanding products. All of their products come with a 5 year warranty, besides their batteries which have a 2 year limited warranty. These inverters are obviously very high end, developed for professional duty and suitable for a wide range of applications. Their popular inverter lines includes the Phoenix, Phoenix Compact, Phoenix VE.Direct, MultiPlus, EasyPlus, Quattro, EasySolar, ECOmulti and Multi. Many of their power inverters and be paralleled together with 6 of the same model type, 3 phase and split phase operation is also easily possible.

Victron was founded in 1975 which means they celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2015! With high quality products such as power inverters, inverter / chargers, battery charger, DC converters, solar panels, charge controllers and solar inverters, they will surely be around for another 40 years!

If you have questions regarding any of Victron’s products, call the experts, call us today!