Victron Energy Remote Panel for BlueSolar PWM Pro Charge Controller



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Victron Energy SCC900300000 Remote Panel for BlueSolar PWM-Pro charge controller.


Connection to the BlueSolar PWM-Pro charge controller:
The panel must be connected to the controller with a standard RJ45 UTP cable.


Warning LED
The warning indicator LED flashes in case of failure of the connected charge controller.


Audible alarm
The audible failure alarm can be activated or deactivated.


Communication LED
Indicates communication status when the display is connected with the charge controller.


After connecting the remote panel, the default monitoring display will be shown: Charge current icon Battery status icons load status icon, day/night. Battery icon Load current icon PV- V & A. Battery-V&A Load-V&A


Day and Night Icons
If the voltage of the solar array is above 1V, the daytime icon is shown.


Battery icon
The battery icon shows the state of charge of the battery. For this function the correct battery capacity must be set (see section 5.4) and all loads must connected to the load output (i.e. not directly to the battery). Note: When the battery is fully discharged, the icon displayed is.


The default monitoring display and monitoring subpages can be accessed with the UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT buttons. See the diagram on the next page.


Main menu
When in monitoring mode, the main menu is accessed by pressing the ESC button. The UP and DOWN buttons are used to browse through the main menu:

2.Device information
3.Test operation
4.Control parameters
5.Load set
6.Device parameters
7.Device password
8.Charge mode
9.Factory reset
10.Failure information
11.Meter parameters

The OK and ESC buttons are respectively used to enter or exit the corresponding pages of the menu items. A password must be entered to change settings. When on a settings page, press OK to access the password page and fill in the password to enable changing of settings. The default password is 000000

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