Spartan Power is based in Reno, Nevada and manufactures what we and many believe to be the best Made in the USA battery cables on the market today, and their DC to AC inverter/chargers aren’t too shabby either! Spartan has recently dipped into the solar world as well and started producing many different solar accessories, including solar panels, solar wire and connectors, and panel mounting equipment. Additionally, if you’re looking for an RV soft starter to meet your AC needs, they’ve got you covered. With their new SpartanStart, you can start your AC safely and effectively with much less harsh power draw startups (covers up to 20K BTU)! Spartan rounds out their amazing product line with some very high quality ANL fuses, fuse kits, transfer switches, and voltage meters.

Their products carry some of the best warranties in the industry today and their commitment to quality is really second to none. We highly recommend that you check out Spartan Power’s offers. If you have any questions about one of their products, please feel free to contact us today!