Over 40 years ago, REDARC began to revolutionize the way people enjoy the outdoors by giving customers the ability to power electronics from any vehicle anywhere. REDARC’s power management solutions utilize vehicle, solar or utility power to charge all onboard batteries which go on to power trailers, refrigerators, lights, cooking utilities and any other household appliance. With the ability to monitor and control the power usage with REDARC, customers can enjoy the convenience of modern technology in the great outdoors for longer.

REDARC Electronics was founded in August of 1979 by electronics engineer, Robin (Bob) William Mackie in South Australia. Bob started the business by designing and manufacturing vehicle ignition systems. In fact, the name REDARC is believed to have come from the spark developed in the first ignition system having a “red arc”.

REDARC products are designed, tested and manufactured in a world-class facility located in Adelaide, South Australia. We continue to significantly invest in research, development, staff development and training to ensure our products are made to the highest standards and backed by an exceptional team. With over 250 years of combined experience in our engineering department and hand-picked production team, we have ensured the capability to conceptualize, design, test and manufacture a range of industry leading products, to suit all vehicles (from recreational to commercial and industrial).