Portable solar kits are great for charging your batteries when you are on the go cruising the country in your RV or living the Van Life. Portable solar kits generally come with everything you need to charge your batteries while you park your vehicle in the shade. Great for those that do not want to permanently mount solar panels to a RV or building structure.

  • Zamp Solar 15-Foot Portable Extension Cable ZS-HE-15FT-N

  • Zamp Solar 90 Watt Portable Kit USP1001

  • Rich Solar Mega 200 Watt Briefcase Portable Solar Charging Kit RS-X200BC

  • Zamp Solar 140 Watt Portable Kits USP1002 & USP1008

  • Zamp Solar Portable 180 Watt Solar Kit USP1003

  • Zamp Solar 230 Watt Portable Solar Kit USP1004