Go Power 200 Watt Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V or 24V





Premium mobile power in a sleek, lightweight profile. Two models to choose from: 12V and 24V!

Product Overview
MODEL: GP-ISW200-12 or 24
Bring reliable power on the road with Go Power!’s Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Available in GP-ISW200-12, GP-ISW200-24, GP-ISW400-12, and GP-ISW400-24.

  • Produces an exact replica of AC power for optimal performance
  • Runs any device in wattage range without interference
  • Durable, low profile design
  • Power save mode
  • Dual GFCI outlets
  • Wide voltage range
  • Full overload protection
  • 2 year warranty


The unit is a highly reliable DC to AC inverter system, designed with advanced power electronic and microprocessor technology
offering the following features;

  • Pure Sine wave output (THD <5%).
  • Intelligent power management software.
  • Load and temperature controlled cooling fan.
  • GP-SWR-A/GP-ISW-R management and control.


Dry contact terminals. Advance protection features;

  • Input over/under voltage protection.
  • Internal over temperature protection.
  • Input reverse polarity protection (fuse).
  • Output overload protection.
  • Output short-circuit protection.


Compliance with UL standards requires that Go Power! test and recommend specific GFCIs for use on the AC output of the GP-ISW. GFCIs shall be installed in the AC output wiring system to protect all branch circuits. A GFCI is a device that de–energizes a circuit when a current exceeds a specified value that is less than that required to open the circuit breaker. GFCIs are intended to protect people from electric shocks and are usually required in wet or damp locations.

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12V 200W, 24V 200W