Raptor’s newest line of DC to AC modified sine wave power inverters are now available! We especially like the low voltage auto reset feature these inverters have, not a lot of manufacturer’s have that these days.  These heavy duty, highly efficient power inverters were designed and manufactured from the beginning with high quality components to be used daily in hard environments. This line meets the power demands of the working professional for daily commercial use, from the construction site to the food truck, the Raptors will provide the power you need.  They currently have inverters ranging from 225 Watts to 3000 Watts, so there is a Raptor to suit the needs of any camper, RV’er, semi truck driver, or daily commuter. The high surge power of the Raptors (1000 Watts – 3000 Watts) are designed to provide high enough surge for inductive loads such as motors and pumps.

If you have any questions about Raptor DC to AC power inverters, call us today at 866-419-2616!