5000 watt inverter runs entire house, saves $1000 in bills!

5000 watt inverter runs entire house, saves $1000 in bills!

Aims 5000 Watt 12V Power Inverter

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I use my Aims 5000 watt inverter to power my entire house, with a combination of other systems. My Aims power inverter has reduced my electric bill to less than half of what it used to be. I use a bank of 10 US batteries to power my inverter. In addition to the “house bank”, I also run an extra bank of 4 12v marine batteries in my vehicle. This way, I can take advantage of the wasted energy produced on my commute to work and back home each day, and also any other trips that I make. With the rising cost of fuel I feel that I must make my money work for me and waste must be eliminated.

I used 4/0 cables and welder quick connects to allow me to plug my vehicle into my house when I get home in the evening. Currently I have only been able to afford 1 Evergreen 102 watt solar panel, to charge my house bank, but plan to add 2 more panels and a wind generator to complete my setup. I run a double redundancy on all my main systems, HVAC. I eliminated my 240v systems with the exception of the central AC, which I use a 5000 watt 110/240 transformer to operate the 1 1/2 ton condensing unit of my home.

My Aims 5000 has no problem running it, although it rarely runs because I zone out the AC duties to smaller window units. To keep my demand low I use a Direct Logic PLC as a demand monitoring load shedding system, to keep non essential loads off during demand periods. This is also helpful because the program I wrote makes sure you’re not overtaxing my inverter.

A combination of X10 motion sensors, photocell, outside air temp sensors and demand feedback have allowed me to customize a logic program, that allows me to save the maximum amount of energy and is custom to my life.

Without my Aims power inverter, this is still possible, but not affordable, as anybody who has shopped for a large wattage inverter can tell you. I thought I was going to have problems with the modified sine wave and some of my sensitive electronics, but in every instance except one, a simple 6 outlet extension with a 1:1 isolation transformer took care of the noise on my cordless phone and the slight buzz on my audio system.

I estimate my saving on electric at close to $1000.00 a year, which means that my inverter is one of the only purchases I have made that has already paid itself off and continues to put money into my pocket everyday! Now that’s what I call Freedom, thanks Aims, thanks Inverters R Us!

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