Customer Uses A 3000 Watt Inverter & Hand Truck for a Mobile Emergency Power Source

Emergency Mobile Power Inverter Setup
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Customer Uses A 3000 Watt Inverter & Hand Truck for a Mobile Emergency Power Source

This Inverters R Us customer made a pretty sweet mobile emergency power station, check it out and let us know what you think!

Customer: This is an AIMS PWRIG300012120S 3000W pure sine wave inverter mounted on a hand truck supplied by a DEKA Marine master heavy duty deep cycle battery. It has a voltmeter, USB charge port and a 12 volt auxiliary switched port to attach LED lights. The 3000 watt power inverter is designed as a mobile rapid deploy emergency power source for power outages. It can power a sump pump, refrigerator, forced air propane heater or fireplace fan. It is also suitable for powering a computer, modem, base communications and other frequency sensitive equipment that a modified sine wave power inverter may not be suited for.

It is staged with a GFCI cord , various extension cords, a set of jumper cables and a 12 volt 6000k LED light bar for area lighting. The mobile cart can be wheeled to a specific room or setup outdoors with a tarp covering as needed.

Additional things I like about this emergency mobile setup:

  • The hand truck makes the heavy battery easy to move.
  • The added voltmeter indicates battery voltage for remaining power.
  • The whole setup is silent in operation and reliable.
  • The USB port can charge cell phones or power diagnostic equipment.


Inverters R Us Comment: We have seen many mobile emergency power setups before in the past which were usually mounted onto a plastic or steel mobile cart, but never one utilizing a hand truck.  The hand truck certainly makes moving the mobile power inverter setup a bit nimbler while not sacrificing the ease of carrying the heavy battery. We love the additional GFCI outlet, extension cords, light bar and jump cables he added. If you would like more information regarding a setup like this, give one on our expert inverter technicians a call today at 866-419-2616!

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