Power Inverter Runs Boat Dock Lift, Fans & Lights!

Boat Dock Inverter

Power Inverter Runs Boat Dock Lift, Fans & Lights!

After three years of building and going way over budget, our dream house on the marsh was finally finished. We had a wide open view of the inter-coastal waterway and constructed a shared walkway with our neighbor to our dock house with boat lift. Our walkway is 1400 feet in length.

Running water there was not difficult but electricity was another matter. The electrician said it would be over eight thousand dollars just run the electric to the dock. Connecting the lift motors and outlets was additional. We looked for another alternative. That’s when I came across Inverters R Us

We had two 12A 120 Volt motors to run a 10,000 lb lift in addition to any power tools ( we had to finish the screen porch) and lights.

I decided to purchase the Aims 5000 watt inverter, two lifeline GPL-8DL batteries and a air X marine wind generator. This was the only inverter I could find that could theoretically supply the over 30 Amp initial motor startup current by only using one plug tied to the motor control box. I was told that the four outlets could support up to 40 Amps either together or individually.

Well after a couple days of receiving my goodies in the mail we had it hooked up to try. To my surprise the lift motors started and ran just fine. I was able to raise and lower the lift about ten times before I received that irritating chirping telling me the voltage was too low in the batteries. As it turned out the limiting factor in my whole setup laid in the generating of power.

While there is always a breeze across the marsh, most of the time the amperage generated was between 2 to 4 . I finally added a 120W solar panel which significantly helped to recharge the batteries. We can now run lights and ceiling fan whenever we want at the dock area. It sure would be nice to run a tv or computer out there. To be safe we would need to use a true sine wave inverter for this equipment. Well maybe some day.

Rick McEwan

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