CPAP User Sleeps Easy Using A Power Inverter!

CPAP Power Inverter

CPAP User Sleeps Easy Using A Power Inverter!

I’m no different than the others; MY inverter is a life saver…. The main thing I use my AIMS inverter, is to power my CPAP machine at night, (cpap is for sleep apnea) it is invaluable, we were unable to rough camp prior to buying an inverter, as I must have 110v to run it, and the whole idea of rough camping is the quiet and solitude, (running a generator is neither quiet nor by any means solitude).

This has free’d up my life, allowing us to go anyplace, and enjoy the great outdoors. During the day, our inverter is used for radio, and or TV, we have the best of both worlds!

I wish to thank you for making this possible, you have provided a venue that allows everyone to enjoy the uses of an inverter, by offering pure sine wave power inverters at a reasonable price, and with great quality too!

Now with the price of gas gone shy high, this allows us to use battery power, instead of firing up the genset, again, saving money and helping everyone enjoy the great outdoors!
One additional feature that we recently experienced was a power outage, for over 12hrs!

I was able to use my inverter, connected to a battery, and get my much needed beauty sleep (I’m 56yrs old, and my wife says I’m crazy, that nothing will ever help!).


L. Wxxxxxxx

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