Equipping Hunting Cabins with Power: Plus, Quiet Power Inverters for Hunting Stands

Equipping Hunting Cabins with Power: Plus, Quiet Power Inverters for Hunting Stands

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Hunting is about men (and women) getting out into the wilderness. It’s about getting out in the wild to connect with and live off the land. But, if you have a hunting cabin, it’s also about coming “home” to a few modern amenities after a hard day out stalking game. Nobody said you can’t enjoy a few comforts of being back in your real home.

Hunting wild game can be a battle of attrition. Whether you’re after big game like elk and deer or smaller fowl like ducks, geese and turkeys, you want to focus on the hunt at hand, not on whether or not you’re going to have the power needed to stay warm, prepare food and heat water. Hunting cabins become your home away from home, and no matter how far out in the wilderness your second home happens to be, it should still bring you some comforts when you return after a day’s hunt.

Hauling clunky generators means noise, fumes and an extra supply of gasoline—annoyances hunters don’t care to squabble with. Therefore, enter the power inverter, a device to convert DC power stored in batteries to AC power used to run common appliances. The ability to pull from battery power in order to operate a hot plate, water heater, electric blanket, coffee maker and any other “plugged” device can make a weekend hunting trip that much more enjoyable.

First, the hunt. If you have an elevated hunting stand that you know you’ll be perched in quietly for hours upon hours, you may be at the point where you’re looking to upgrade your stand by furnishing it with a small electric space heater for the times when mother nature has a cold shoulder. For this, you need power that’s as quiet as you are as you wait. Portable propane heaters can be noisy and emit fumes that could jeopardize your chances of game coming near. If you furnish your hunting stand with a small power inverter, you can run a quiet, odorless electric heater and have the ability to plug in anything else that might give you the comfort to get out there earlier or stay later. A simple power inverter and battery setup will do just the trick. When shopping for the right power inverter, consider the size heater you’re looking to operate (and for how long) and purchase an inverter and battery combo that give you enough juice for the day.

Next, the return to the cabin. Now, depending on your setup, you might find a portable power inverter that works for your hunting stand and cabin. However, once back at the cabin, you’re likely going to want to use more devices and pull more power when it’s time to prepare food, heat water, and maybe even watch a DVD. If hunting is a family occasion, you can keep the young ones focused on the hunt during the day, but they are certainly going to have the urge to plug-in to one of their handheld devices come evening. You can consider a solar power inverter system to collect solar rays and recharge the batteries while you’re out during the day, so the batteries are juiced up when you return. Such complete kits are mobile and have become affordable in recent years. Or, you can invest in a conventional power inverter that you simply bring a fresh battery for with each visit to the cabin. Again, consider the number of devices you plan on using—as well as their required wattage—and make your purchasing decisions based on the needed capability.

If your family is looking to upgrade the hunting cabin that’s been in the family for years, one of the first steps is bringing power out into the wilderness. It can be all the difference in having your companions comfortable, refreshed and on their A-game when it comes time to set out on the big hunt. When it’s 10 below … a warm meal, a comfortable night’s rest, and a few amenities from home can make all the difference.

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