My Spartan Power SP-IC3324 Inverter Charger Setup in Puerto Rico

My Spartan Power SP-IC3324 Inverter Charger Setup in Puerto Rico

Spartan Power Inverter Charger SP-IC3324


Jorge’s Spartan Power 3300 Watt SP-IC3324 Setup in Puerto Rico:

Due to the power outages here in Puerto Rico after hurricane María, we are still without power after four months. For this reason I took matters in to my own hands and designed a solar system for my home. I have a 3.3KW @ 24VDC Spartan Inverter SP-IC3324 with two 40A EPEver MPPT Controllers each handling three 260W Mono-crystalline Solar Panels. Supplying the inverter I have a 24VDC Battery bank of approximately 510Ahr.

This inverter has been working like a champ! It’s been a month since I installed it (Have a certified electrician do the installation, there are a few things that can go wrong and ruin your investment) and it works flawlessly. I have my entire home connected to it and it handles it with ease. This inverter handles the refrigerator, all LED lighting a couple of fans and a few electronic chargers with no issues. Also, from time to time my wife uses her hair blower and the washing machine without incidents. Basically we have all our necessities covered with this thing and it continues to perform perfectly. The other day it was rainy and cloudy so the batteries didn’t charge to 100% so I connected it to a gas generator to test the charging capability and it also worked perfect. I ran it for about three hours at 50A and they reached 100% while only consuming about half a gallon of gas. This is a great feature to have in case there is no sun or if used as a back-up.

The case is very rugged and well built. The craftsmanship on this unit is excellent, plus the Spartan logo looks really cool. Customer service reps are very helpful and courteous. Shipping was very fast since it arrived in two days. I am very satisfied with this investment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well-built inverter.

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