Zamp Solar 170 Watt Expansion Kit KIT1009 (Unregulated)

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Zamp Solar PART NUMBER: KIT1009

This kit does not come with a charge controller so you can use as an expansion when paired with a Zamp Solar 170 kit, or as an entirely stand alone option. It comes with Zamp’s quick-connect solar plug and is compatible with all of Zamp’s roof mount kits, making it simple and easy to expand your solar setup. This is Inverters R US’s #1 solar kit, can be paired perfectly with a Victron Energy MPPT charge controller, ask us which ones today!


Zamp KIT1009 170-Watt Kit Includes:

  • 170-Watt Panel

  • Quick-connect solar plug

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and Omni-Mount Feet


Zamp KIT1009 170-Watt Panel Specs:

  • 24.25 lbs

  • 58.3” x 26.4“ x 1.5”

  • 170-Watt Power Output

  • Generates 9.4 amps

  • 25-Year output warranty


Made in the U.S.
Handcrafted in Bend, OR using the highest grade monocrystalline solar cells for optimal output, this panel is also treated with anti-reflective coating to maximize light absorption.

Flexible and Durable
This expansion panel comes with our innovative Omni-Mount frame which lets you to mount the panels wherever you need them. Our ultra-sturdy stainless steel mounting hardware features easy-release mounting feet which let you quickly unclip your panel for maintenance or safe-storage without removing the hardware itself.


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Weight27 lbs