Victron Energy MEGA Fuse Holder CIP000100001


Victron Energy MEGA Fuse Holder CIP000100001



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Victron MEGA Fuse Holders are made of high quality materials and are very durable, not cheap flimsy plastic. Fits all of Victron’s MEGA fuses.

Victron MEGA Fuse Holders & MEGA Fuse Part Numbers:
CIP000100001 Fuse holder for MEGA-fuse
CIP050060000 Fuse holder 6-way for MEGA-fuse
CIP136060010 MEGA-fuse 60A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136080010 MEGA-fuse 80A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136100010 MEGA-fuse 100A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136125010 MEGA-fuse 125A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136150010 MEGA-fuse 150A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136175010 MEGA-fuse 175A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136200010 MEGA-fuse 200A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136225010 MEGA-fuse 225A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136250010 MEGA-fuse 250A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136300010 MEGA-fuse 300A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136400010 MEGA-fuse 400A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136500010 MEGA-fuse 500A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP137125010 MEGA-fuse 125A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137200010 MEGA-fuse 200A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137250010 MEGA-fuse 250A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137300010 MEGA-fuse 300A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)

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Single MEGA Fuse Holder CIP000100001, 6-Way MEGA Fuse Holder CIP050060000, 60A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 80A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 100A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 125A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 150A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 175A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 200A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 225A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 250A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 300A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 400A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 500A MEGA 32V Max (5 pack), 125A MEGA 52V Max (1 pack), 200A MEGA 52V Max (1 pack), 250A MEGA 52V Max (1 pack), 300A MEGA 52V Max (1 pack)

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