Victron Energy Ekrano GX




The Ekrano GX is a fully featured communication center, built with the latest remote monitoring capabilities. Gain ultimate control with this latest addition to the GX family and feel the power of truly being in charge.

Check real-time data and analysis on your integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, running on the all-new and intuitive Venus OS. The Ekrano GX is a flexible powerhouse that will integrate into any Victron system complete with a range of hardware connectivity to suit every need. It enables you to access and control your system from anywhere, through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal and VictronConnect app. Enter a new era of full and dynamic system control with the Ekrano GX.


Designed to work in any condition


Switch to dark mode for low light situations and instantly check your power system status, day or night.

Whatever the weather, you can rely on your Ekrano GX with its waterproof 7-inch touchscreen display. No need to be gentle, the robust aluminum casing of the Ekrano GX provides ample protection for the technology inside.


Connect it all. Control it all.


Experience the full power of Victron-connected products and an ever growing list of compatible third-party devices and integrations with this all-in-one communication center.


Next level engineering
Always up-to-date software


Extremely powerful processor
The Ekrano GX is our most powerful GX device to date. Its powerful quad-core processor manages all connected Victron products and a large range of supported third-party devices with ease.


Venus OS v3.0
System monitoring just entered a new era, with Venus OS 3.0. Now, keeping up with your electrical system is easier and more intuitive than ever. The sleek human-centered design and updated color scheme helps you to stay focused on the things that matter to you most.


GX – Battery compatibility
For seamless integration with an ever growing list of leading third-party lithium battery manufacturers, a GX device is required. Great efforts are made to ensure a deep and hassle-free integration of supported batteries.


Simple mounting and installation
The super slim design offers a lot of flexibility in designing a crisp and clean dashboard. The Ekrano GX is optimized for flush panel or blind hole mounting, with all necessary mounting material included. All ports remain easily accessible from the back.


When installed with the steel bracket, the display of the Ekrano GX is protected from dust and water from the outside, rated with IP54.


Touch disabled button
Easily disable the touch function with a recessed button on the back, to prevent unauthorized use. Or enable it again with the press push of a button.


Maximize system performance
Your Ekrano GX will actively maximize the performance of your system. Acting as a communication hub it unifies readings and coordinates system-wide actions to optimize performance for all connected devices. The extremely powerful processor and the innovative Venus OS will ensure that your already efficient hardware reaches new levels of efficiency.



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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 10.5 × 4.5 in
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Cerbo GX BPP900450100, Cerbo S-GX BPP900450120