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4 AWG Battery Cables with 5/16″ Ring Terminals by Spartan Power 1ft – 20ft



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4 AWG Battery Cables Features:

  • HEAVY-DUTY AMERICAN DESIGN: Unlike all those cheaply-made battery cables, the Spartan Power Made-in-USA 4 gauge battery cables are PVC insulated and professionally cut, crimped & heat shrunk in Reno, NV!
  • FOR A LIFETIME OF SERVICE: Your inverter 4 AWG battery cables are not only sturdy & flexible, but they also feature 420 strands of 100% pure copper cable and 5/16″ lugs pre-assembled on both ends.
  • ONE SET OF BATTERY WIRES, UNLIMITED USES: The Spartan Power 2ft positive and negative cables are ideal for car automotive, solar, marine, RV, motorcycle, lawn/garden equipment or power inverter batteries.
  • FIND A CUSTOM SOLUTION: Don’t need two cables? Need only a positive or ground wire? Find exactly what you need in our huge collection of premium-quality automotive battery cables and accessories.
  • LIFETIME CRIMP WARRANTY: We believe these are the best 4 AWG battery cables on the market today, if you ever experience a crimp failure, Spartan Power will gladly repair or replace your cables for free!


4 AWG Battery Cables Overview:

  • MADE IN THE USA – Lifetime crimp warranty! For use with up to a 1500 watt power inverter.
  • Each 600V cable set is professionally cut, crimped and heat shrinked with the utmost quality & precision.
  • UL 1232/1283/1346/10269 Approved
  • VW-1 & moisture resistant, Polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation
  • Includes one red cable and one black cable with 5/16″ lugs preassembled on both ends


Use the 4 gauge battery cables that people RELY on every day for their 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 up to 1500 watt power inverters! Spartan Power 4 AWG Battery Cable Sets come professionally pre-assembled with 5/16″ ring terminals and are perfect for connecting a power inverter up to 1500 watts to a battery bank! You can also use Spartan Power battery cables for RV & vehicle wiring applications, grounding cables, golf cart wiring, and many other applications where pure copper is recommended. These cable sets come with Adhesive Lined Irradiated Polyolefin (PO) heat shrink, which is exceptionally resistant to water, fungus, and UV light. These quality cable sets are guaranteed by both Inverters R Us & Spartan Power to provide you with reliable current.


Cable Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) insulation
  • 90°C MTW – UL & CSA 105°C
  • Voltage rating: 600 volts
  • VW-1 & moisture resistant
  • ROHS Compliant
  • UL 1232/1283/1346/10269* Approved


Heat Shrink Features:

  • Shrink ratio: Approximately 3 to 1 at +90°C
  • Operational temp. range: -55°C to +135°C
  • Dielectric strength: 500 V/mil (197 kV/cm)
  • Volume resistivity: 1014 ohm-cm
  • Tensile strength: 1500 psi (141 kg/cm2)
  • Specifications: AMS-DTL-23053/5, CL 1 and CL 3; UL 224, VW-1; CSA 198, OFT

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