Morningstar USB MeterBus Adapter UMC-1


Morningstar USB MeterBus Adapter UMC-1

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Morningstar Part Number:: UMC-1
The USB UMC-1 MeterBus Adapter converts the Morningstar MeterBus RJ-11 electrical interface to a standard USB 2.0 interface. This allows communication between a PC and Morningstar charge controllers or inverters that have a MeterBus connection but no serial or other communications port. This includes the Sunsaver MPPT, SunSaver DUO, and SureSine products.


The UMC-1 is required for:

  • Programming custom charging set-points
  • Logging data using Morningstar’s MSView PC software
  • Communication with any 3rd party hardware that supports MODBUS™communication


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