EPEVER XTRA Series MPPT Solar Charge Controllers





The EPEVER XTRA series is advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller for off-grid photovoltaic systems, with optional display units (XDB1/XDS1/XDS2). It is designed according to the international standard with higher quality, reliability, and safety. The limitation function of the charging power, charging current, and automatic power reduction function fully ensure stability when working with oversize PV modules(max.1.5 times of rated power) and operating under a high-temperature environment.


Product Highlights

  • MPPT tracking efficiency above 99.5%
  • Maximum charge conversion efficiency as high as 97.4%
  • Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Multiple load work modes
  • Charging power and current limitation function
  • High –temperature charging power derating function
  • Optional LCD display units (XDB1/XDS1/XDS2) and accessories
  • Standard Modbus communication protocol with isolated RS485 interface
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • IP33 ingress protection design
  • CE(LVD IEC62109,EMC EN3/1-6-61000)and ROHS,ETL(UL-1741:2010 and Canadian CSA C22.2 No.107.1.01),FCC Class B Part 15 Compliant,IEC62509:2010


Can the lithium battery type be chosen via the LCD and button on the controller?
Yes, the XTRA series charge controller (softwareSV200 or above version ) supports choosing lithium battery type via LCD. But WiFi/Bluetooth module or PC is required if the user wants to customize the voltage setpoints.


Can multiple units be connected in parallel to charge the same battery bank?
Not recommended. the battery voltage that every controller detected has a minor difference. When the battery is nearly full, it is possible that some controllers are charging, and others not, or some are charging with a big current and others are charging with a small current.

Additional information

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12/24V 60V 10A, 12/24V 100V 10A, 12/24V 100V 20A, 12/24V 100V 30A, 12/24V 100V 40A, 12/24V 150V 30A, 12/24V 150V 40A, 12/24/36/48V 150V 30A, 12/24/36/48V 150V 40A