We sell the complete line of Fullriver DC series of maintenance-free AGM batteries. Fullriver DC Series batteries provide high capacity & long cycle life of a true deep cycle battery with all of the convenience and benefits of maintenance-free. Fullriver DC series sets the standard for AGM in Industrial applications.

Fullriver Battery manufactures simply the highest quality VRLA technology batteries on the market today. Unlike many battery producers, They control the entire manufacturing process: the grid casting, plate pasting, and final assembly are all done at their award-winning manufacturing facility.

Every Fullriver battery series is designed to be charged and recharged hundreds of times. With the sealed, maintenance-free aspect of all of their AGM and GEL batteries, you can simply “Set it” and Forget it”.  Fullriver’s proven track record of providing a premium quality battery and excellent customer care, date to their inception in 1995. Fullriver Battery, “The One that Works”.

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