Samlex battery chargers are state of the art chargers that use switched mode technology to provide an extremely high efficient and quiet operation. These units are designed to automatically charge up to three banks of lead acid, flooded, Gel Cell or AGM batteries at once. The SEC line can also be used as a DC UPS or a power supply. These battery chargers are very versatile as there is a setting to switch between 120V 60Hz and 230V 50Hz.

Every Samlex charger has a two year warranty, call us today at 866-419-2616.

  • Samlex Remote Control for SEC Battery Chargers 900-RC

  • Samlex 15A 12V Battery Charger SEC-1215UL

  • Samlex 30A 12V Battery Charger SEC-1230UL

  • Samlex 15A 24V Battery Charger SEC-2415UL

  • Samlex 25A 24V Battery Charger SEC-2425UL

  • Samlex 50A 12V Battery Charger SEC-1250UL

  • Samlex 40A 24V Battery Charger SEC-2440UL

  • Samlex 80A 12V Battery Charger SEC-1280UL