the PV Series (Permanent Mount Series) the most advanced, feature-rich inverter designed as a mobile energy source for your vehicle.

PowerVerter Inverters efficiently convert DC (battery) power into 120V AC (household) power, allowing you to use equipment you commonly use at home—appliances, entertainment systems, computers, power tools and more—while cruising the open road or out on the open water.

PowerVerter Inverters, through a high-efficiency conversion process and a charge conservation setting, draw the highest level of performance from your batteries without overtaxing them, lengthening their service life. An automatic low battery shutdown feature ensures you’ll always have plenty of power for starting purposes.

  • Tripp Lite 150 Watt Power Inverter PV150

  • Tripp Lite 375 Watt 12V PowerVerter Inverter PV375

  • Tripp Lite 700 Watt 12V Inverter PV-700HF

  • Tripp Lite 1000 Watt 12V Inverter PV-1000HF

  • Tripp Lite 1800 Watt 12V Inverter PV-1800HF

  • Tripp Lite 1800 Watt 12V GFCI Inverter PV-1800GFCI

  • Tripp Lite 3000 Watt 12V Inverter PV-3000HF

  • Tripp Lite 3000 Watt 12V GFCI Inverter PV-3000GFCI