Magnum Energy MSH-RE Series Hybrid Power Inverter Chargers

The MSH-RE Series is a “hybrid” pure sine wave inverter designed especially for home backup power and renewable energy applications. Powerful, yet simple to use, this inverter/charger will provide you with years of trouble-free performance you have come to expect from Magnum Energy.

Why is the MSH-RE Series a “Hybrid”? Most inverters only use one source of energy to power the inverter loads—either from the incoming AC power (i.e., utility or AC generator) or from the batteries. The MSH-RE Series combines the energy from both the AC input and the batteries to power the inverter loads. This feature gives this inverter the ability to recharge the battery when there is surplus power or deliver more power to the loads if they require more than the AC input can supply by itself.

  • Magnum Energy 4000 Watt 24V Hybrid Inverter Charger MSH4024RE



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