Aims rack mount inverters were developed using digital circuit design based on a patented technology DSP (digital signal processor), and is a very reliable, high performance, light weight power inverter. By using a D.S.P. (digital signal processor) driver this inverter can safely generate its pure sine wave at a high quality 120Vac output. 120Vac is either supplied by city power (by pass mode) or inverter (DC or backup mode). A program will control this automatically or it may be manually controlled (by city power circuit breaker). With various protection circuits built in, this Aims rackmount inverter will automatically shut down at low voltage or in the event of a sudden change of input/output power. The inverter also shows excellent performance and reliability control during rapid environmental changes such as ambient temperature.

The RS232 communication port controls with non-synchronous serial transmission (ASCII cord). RS232 communication is real time operation, and status can be monitored through serial function of PC by program connected with and provided by computer (PC) application port.