Bring Power to Your Barn or Man Cave

Bring Power to Your Barn or Man Cave

Barn or Man Cave Power

“I’ve had bad experiences with owning gas-powered generators in the past. Therefore, when I needed mobile power to run my tools for a building project on the outskirts of my property, I turned to a power inverter.”

-Greg H., Springdale, Arkansas
My Power Inverter Provided Mobile Power While Building a Second Barn on My Property
My family moved onto a small farm last spring in rural Arkansas. Among the many projects I had to complete was a second barn for keeping animal feed and some equipment dry and secure. The first challenge I ran into was getting electricity to the building site so I could power my electric tools. Since the site was located on our land close to a quarter-mile away from our home, extension cords were out of the question. Not pleased with the gas-powered generators I’d owned in the past, I turned to a power invertor to supply mobile power and help me complete the job.

Mobile Power Inverter for Mobile Power
I bought a setup that is easily transportable on the back of my small ATV. Each day I brought a deep-cycle battery up to the construction site and hooked it up to my mobile power inverter, which converts the battery power (DC) into useable power for my tools (AC). I had plenty of juice to run my power tools; it couldn’t have been simpler. Plus, since I went with a Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, I was able to run all my power tools as if I was plugged directly into the wall; the research I did suggested that some of my tools would run hot or inefficiently had I gone with a Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter.

When I was done working on the barn each day, I stored my tools and the power inverter under an overhang just incase it rained. Then I took the battery back to the house where I attached it to a battery charger that was plugged into an outlet in the garage. I would let it charge all night and the battery was always ready to perform again the next morning. Again, it couldn’t have been simpler.

I completed the barn in about two months, which wasn’t bad considering I was able to do it myself and I was still working at my real job. As an added bonus, I now have a perfectly capable power inverter and battery setup that we take camping and use during power outages. My experience with power inverters is now far and beyond what I experienced with unreliable gas-power generators.

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