Spartan Power Off-Grid Caribbean Island Inverter with Solar Setup

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Spartan Power Off-Grid Caribbean Island Inverter with Solar Setup

by Inverters R Us Customer K Frost:

My set-up is a simple solar powered inverter system to supply electricity to my house. I live in a remote area on a Caribbean island, and there is no power available, except what you provide yourself! Over the years, I have gone from no power at all to: power through an extension cord from someone else’s system (and frequent power-outs) to: finally my own system! I purchased a 3300W Spartan Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter from InvertersR Us. Originally, I had ordered another brand in 3000W. But when it was sold out, Inverters R Us substituted the Spartan at no extra cost. I was very thankful and impressed by the customer service, and the inverter has been working like a dream. (I carried it into my country of residence by suitcase!)

My set-up is probably one of the most basic (and affordable) possible: solar panels (6 panels, 176 Watt) , inverter (Spartan 3300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter), charge controller (Outback Flex-Max 60 amp), batteries (8 batteries, Trojan 6V deep-cycle). That’s it (besides wires and circuit panel, of course). No fancy stuff. The electrical wiring in my house is ordinary. I use LED light bulbs to reduce power usage. The biggest pull on my system is the refrigerator (Refrigeration changed my life, people.). I also run an iron on it occasionally, and a water pump. It’s working so well, I may try a small chest freezer!

Really, that’s all I know how to tell you. I’m not very electrically savvy. Someone else told me what I needed and installed the system for me. Poor soul–they tried to explain all the watts, amps, and volts to me more than once or twice. But despite all their efforts, I’m not much more of an electrician. I’m just a happy girl who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere with electricity!


Inverters R Us comment: A very clean, simple setup that works flawlessly for Ms. Frost, she should be able to enjoy her new found power for years to come! To learn more about the inverter in this post, follow that link.

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