Looking for a little power while camping?

Looking for a little power while camping?

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Looking for a Simple Power Inverter for Camping? Don’t Need All the Bells and Whistles?

“We don’t need a lot of power while out on our weekend camping trips, but we prefer to have some. What type of power inverter do we need for camping in a pop-up trailer?”

This is a common question. You want to use some simple devices out camping, but you don’t use enough to warrant an elaborate battery bank or solar panel setup. For most weekend campers who “get off the grid” without having a furnished RV typically go out with a small camping trailer or the old-fashioned way, a.k.a. tent camping. For these campers, it’s common to want to use some simple devices, such as radios, hair dryers, curling irons, coffee makers, can openers, etc. These are not the campers looking to run a washer and dryer, air conditioners, refrigerators, vacuums, microwaves or variable-speed power tools. Therefore a simple power inverter for camping that has an appropriately sized battery can do the trick just fine.

Take into account the number of watts your desired devices will use when running. Here are some examples of some simple devices that make camping just a little more electric:

  • Radio/CD Player – About 75 watts
  • Laptop computer – About 75 watts
  • Crockpot – About 275 watts
  • Fan – About 300 watts
  • Blender – About 300 watts
  • Small TV (20 – 30in) – About 200 watts
  • Small travel coffee maker – About 750 watts

All of the estimates above are closer to the high end of their estimated running wattage. Therefore, with the exception of running a number of devices all at once, you should be able to get away with a 1000-watt inverter. Therefore, any device—or combination of devices that require less than 1000 watts—can be operated seamlessly with a 1000-watt power inverter.

Also, for these simple devices, a modified sine wave power inverter—rather than a pure sine wave power inverter—will fit your camping needs just fine. Modified sine wave power inverters do have some limitations, but for your needs, they aren’t inhibiting. For more of an explanation on the difference between modified sine power inverters and pure sine power inverters, watch this video. Basically, for sake of this conversation, the modified sine wave power inverter will suit your needs AND save you money. Click this link to find a variety of modified sine wave power inverters at and below 1000 watts that will be perfect for your camping needs.

For running simple devices while out on a weekend camping trip, a 1000-watt modified sine wave power inverter will run you between $75 – $200. Enjoy your camping trip!

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