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Boondock With US Starter Kit – August 2021 Giveaway!

This month's giveaway is a great product called the Boondock With US Starter Kit. This kit includes truly awesome components you need to upgrade your existing system or get the new system in your RV, van, boat or off-grid application off to a great start. It's the perfect starting point that you can add various components down the road to such as batteries, solar panels, charge controllers, etc. Boondock With US - Learn & Share Solar RV'ing is a new Facebook Group for everyone interested in boondocking & RV solar systems. Do us a favor, check out their group page and ask a question about Victron, Battle Born, Spartan Power, Zamp, Lion, BigBattery etc, they'll be glad to help!   The LUCKY WINNER of this drawing will be able to select one of the following battery options:   Boondock With US Starter Kits include all the following components:   The winner was selected on 8/31/21 AND THE WINNER IS...Phil Edelen! Congrats Phil!
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Victron, Battle Born, Spartan Power, Zamp Solar, Micro-Air Jan 2021 Giveaway

Welcome to our largest giveaway to date! To show our gratitude for your incredible support this year, Inverters R US Corp has an AWESOME bundle for one lucky winner which retails for over $5,000!!! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 18 years or older. Winner must live in contiguous US as we are shipping HAZMAT, contest is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The winner will be announced on Facebook Friday January 29th, if we do not hear back from the chosen winner within 24 hours, we will draw another name, and continue the process until a winner is confirmed. This giveaway bundle includes the following items: Victron Energy Multiplus 3000VA 12V 120V: PMP123021102 (with an upgraded 10 YEAR WARRANTY!) SmartShunt 500A: SHU050150050 Cerbo GX: BPP900450100 Touch GX Touch 50: BPP900455050 SmartSolar 75|15 Solar Charge Controller: SCC075015060R All the VE.Direct and UTP cables to connect it all together! Battle Born Batteries QTY 2 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries: BB10012 Spartan Power Various battery cables and fuses! Zamp Solar 140 Watt Portable Kit (Unregulated): USP1008 15-Foot Portable Extension Cable: ZS-HE-15FT-N Sidewall Port: ZS-SOLARPORT Micro-Air EasyStart 364 RV AC Soft Starter: ASY-364-X20-IP
MultiPlus 2000VA Extended Warranty
Victron 10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty Available On All Victron Inverter Chargers

Want to get an additional 5 year warranty (10 years total) on your new Victron Multiplus or Quattro inverter charger? Simply choose the YES option on the desired inverter's product detail page and we will register your serial number with Victron giving you a TEN YEAR WARRANTY! The cost (10% of inverter price) is minimal compared to the unheard of warranty length for an inverter charger. The peace of mind is worth the 10% alone. Did you know that Inverters R US Corp will also program your new Victron inverter charger for FREE? Many other companies will charge you an up-charge of $100, or even worse, drop ship an inverter and leave you to fend for yourself. We will keep a copy of your configuration file on hand and can help you update your inverter if you ever choose to replace or upgrade your system in the future.  For DIY'ers, we offer a free loaner program of MK3-USB (saves you ~$70) if you would like to make updates or configure your Victron inverter charger yourself. Ever run into an issue with your Victron system? You can also grant us access to remotely login and help troubleshoot the potential problem. We are the Victron experts, we offer the best warranty, technical help and customer service you will find in the industry. Going to be in the Reno area? We can also install your new system for a very reasonable $50 an hour! Let us build a system for you today.    

Victron Energy BMV-712 Battery Monitor & Temperature Sensor – Feb 2020 Giveaway

This month we are giving away what we feel is the best battery monitor you can buy, the Victron Energy BMV-712, along with a Victron Temperature Sensor. This package retails for $226.55! Victron Energy is a 45 year old company based in the Netherlands that has established a global reputation as a manufacturer of robust and reliable components for autonomous power generation and solar systems. The Victron Energy BMV-712 is Bluetooth equipped so you can view all data via your smartphone. Click here for all the specs and features of the BMV-712. Contest winner will receive:
  • Victron Energy BMV-712
  • Victron Energy Temperature Sensor
The drawing will be held on February 28th, so enter today!  One entry per valid email please.  
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20% OFF All Spartan Power Battery Cables

All Spartan Power battery cables are 20% off at Inverters R US Corp until 8/31! Spartan Power battery cables are Made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Crimp Warranty. We feel they are the best battery cables on the market today and their 5 star Amazon ratings back that statement up: USE CODE: CABLES20AUG Spartan Power battery cables are sold as sets or singles, in lengths from 1-20 ft.
  • 4 AWG Sets or Singles
  • 2 AWG Sets, Singles or Jumper Cables
  • 1/0 Sets, Singles or Jumper Cables
  • 2/0 Sets or Singles
  • 4/0 Sets or Singles
Battle Born BB10012 LiFePO4 Battery
Battle Born BB10012 Battery

Why Buy Your Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries From Inverters R US Corp?

Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries seem to be taking the world by storm lately, we know because we are the undisputed #1 seller of these lightweight, power packed beauties in the world. Happy customers have been upgrading their batteries in their RV's, travel trailers, motor homes, boats, homes, cabins, etc, taking full advantage of everything these LiFePO4 batteries have to offer. We mean, who wouldn't want lighter batteries that can be charged faster, last longer, do not suffer from memory effects, have a lower self-discharge rate than other battery types, contain no toxic components, are environmentally safe, can be discharged deeper than any other battery, have up to a five year warranty and 3000-5000 cycles? We can go on and on and on...
So, why should YOU purchase your Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries directly from Inverters R Us?
1. EXPERTS! We know these batteries inside and out... literally! We've been to their factory countless times and have seen first hand how each battery is made.  If you ever have a question regarding Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, we will have an answer for you! 2. FRESH! We pick up batteries from Battle Born twice a week, so you know our batteries will be as fresh as possible. 3. HAZMAT Certified! Inverters R US Corp is certified by FedEx to ship LiFePO4 batteries which means we know how to safely and securely pack and ship your new lithium batteries to you.  We are proud to say that after thousands of shipments, we have never had a damaged battery show up to a customer's door. 4. PRICE! You will never find NEW Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries priced lower anywhere on the planet! 5. PAY LATER! With our Paypal Credit option to pay, you can buy now and pay no interest if paid in full within six months!  
Spartan Power Carribean Inverter
Spartan Power Batteries
Spartan Power Solar

Spartan Power Off-Grid Caribbean Island Inverter with Solar Setup

by Inverters R Us Customer K Frost: My set-up is a simple solar powered inverter system to supply electricity to my house. I live in a remote area on a Caribbean island, and there is no power available, except what you provide yourself! Over the years, I have gone from no power at all to: power through an extension cord from someone else's system (and frequent power-outs) to: finally my own system! I purchased a 3300W Spartan Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter from InvertersR Us. Originally, I had ordered another brand in 3000W. But when it was sold out, Inverters R Us substituted the Spartan at no extra cost. I was very thankful and impressed by the customer service, and the inverter has been working like a dream. (I carried it into my country of residence by suitcase!) My set-up is probably one of the most basic (and affordable) possible: solar panels (6 panels, 176 Watt) , inverter (Spartan 3300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter), charge controller (Outback Flex-Max 60 amp), batteries (8 batteries, Trojan 6V deep-cycle). That's it (besides wires and circuit panel, of course). No fancy stuff. The electrical wiring in my house is ordinary. I use LED light bulbs to reduce power usage. The biggest pull on my system is the refrigerator (Refrigeration changed my life, people.). I also run an iron on it occasionally, and a water pump. It's working so well, I may try a small chest freezer! Really, that's all I know how to tell you. I'm not very electrically savvy. Someone else told me what I needed and installed the system for me. Poor soul--they tried to explain all the watts, amps, and volts to me more than once or twice. But despite all their efforts, I'm not much more of an electrician. I'm just a happy girl who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere with electricity!   Inverters R Us comment: A very clean, simple setup that works flawlessly for Ms. Frost, she should be able to enjoy her new found power for years to come! To learn more about the inverter in this post, follow that link.